[Video] TKG to release new Full-Length Concept Album titled “The Change of the Nous”

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TKG - The Change of the Nous - Cover

Rare Emotions and Robin4Arts are happy to announce that this month TKG 5th release “The Change of the Nous” will be available worldwide!

“The Change of the Nous” is the 1st concept album from the 3 brothers band TKG and it deals with the path that leads from the search of the inner equilibrium and peace, to the conscious decision of the change of the nous and the invisible war that follows. The compositions are balanced mostly between the progressive rock and the electro/dubstep idioms. The extended use of the fretless guitar gives a special world/ethnic touch, while cinematic compositions with soprano/choir parts and 2 electro swing tracks complete the wide musical spectrum of this project.

Track List
Movement I: Fairy Tale
1. Fairy Tale
Movement II: Distraction of the nous
2. Let’s Swing, Swing it up
3. Electrified Dance Floor
Movement III: The change of the nous
4. Summer Evening in a Quiet Road
5. The Change of the Nous
6. Filming the Sky
Movement IV: Invisible War Part I
7. Pendulum Man
8. War Alarm
9. Diverse Attack
10. Holding the Defensive Lines
Movement V: Lull
11. Late Summer Night Breeze (Late Night)
Movement VI: Invisible War Part II
12. Blitz
13. Urban Warfare
14. Soldier’s Abnegation
Movement VII: Happily Ever After…
15. Requiem for Life Effort
The album artwork

Record Label & Publisher: Rare Emotions

Booking & Management: Robin4Arts

For more information, booking and promo requests or to set up an interview please contact Robin4Arts at office@robin4arts.com.


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