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TKG - The Change of the Nous - Cover
Theodore Kalantzakos (Theodore K)
Theodore K

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Genre: ambient, jazz fusion, electro-jazz, virtuoso, imrovisational, metal-fusion, jazzmetal, world
Sounds like: Allan Holdsworth, Nils Petter Molvaer, Virgil Donati, Parov Stelar
Releases: Pattern Partner [EP], Pattern Partner [LP], No Shortcuts (Paving The Way Forward) [Single], Parallels (feat. Irene Ketikidi) [Single], Rise From the Ground [EP], Rising Guitar Stars (Wild Rose Angel Productions – CD Compilation)
Powered by: Schecter guitars, Gabriel drums, Line 6 amplifiers, EMG pickups and T-Rex effect pedals and pedalboards

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Pestalozzistraße 6, 
10625 Berlin
+49 (0) 30/ 91 689 260
Loukas Kalantzakos
Loukas Kalantzakos

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