Parallels (TKG feat Irene Ketikidi)

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1. TKG - Parallels (feat Irene Ketikidi)
TKG (feat. Irene Ketikidi)  

“Parallels” is a contemporary rock/metal composition with progressive elements powered with tasteful fretless guitar solos and very melodic and emotional improvisations. The two guitar virtuosos, Theodore Kalantzakos and Irene Ketikidi have joined forces for this project and the result rewards every listener. Very melodic riffs, beautiful harmonies and sophisticated guitar parts under the umbrella of the great Loukas Kalantzakos who frames the whole composition with fantastic grooves on drums. “Parallels” is characterized as a must listen track.
Previous projects are “Pattern Partner [LP]” and “No Shortcuts (Paving the Way Forward)” for TKG and “Martial Arts and Magic Tricks” for Irene Ketikidi.


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