No Shortcuts (Paving The Way Forward) [Single]

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TKG - The Change of the Nous - Cover

1. No Shortcuts (Paving the Way Forward) - TKG


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No Shortcuts (Paving the Way Forward) – Info

Wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking.” Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

Years ago, I was studying architecture in a beautifull small town in Greece, with the name Volos. In an adventurous class which combined architecture and theater, a teacher of mine mentioned Antonio Machado’s famous words. I remember that I jotted them down but for some reason they remained forgotten in my old notes. That was until the previous summer (2013) when we came back to the studio bringing some new stuff to jam. Since our last release Pattern Partner (2012) it was a hard working, but at the same time, an enjoyable period for the band.
This composition is for all the “wanderers” who love to keep their head down and working hard on “paving” their “way forward”. Because they know, they’ll pave and they’ll cross the same road. This composition could also be a page in the band’s virtual “music diary” witnessing that “road” with “no shortcuts”, made “by walking”.

The main 8 finger tapping theme is based on a sequence of repeated notes. Specific notes are played periodically showing that many times moving forward, the past can be visited again . That’s why the repeated notes, “the notes of the past”, are produced by a predetermined delay effect. In the solo section, a fretless guitar is used to show the loss of boundaries in this trip. Started with some microtones, moving to some intervallic and rhythm grouped lines to end to some more jazz fusion phrases seems to be an unpredictable passage between the various influences.

TKG are powered by:
Schecter guitars, Gabriel drums, Line 6 amplifiers, EMG pickups and T-Rex effect pedals and pedalboards.

All guitars and synth guitars recorded by Theodore Kalantzakos
Drums, Electronic Drums and FX loops by Loukas Kalantzakos

Have fun my friends,


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